Our Mission

Acts Fast is Abused Children’s Trauma Support, Family Advice & Strategy Team

We are a group of people who are committed to addressing the injustice from the lack of support shown to the protective parent/carer of sexually abused children. Our aim is to ensure that other parent/carers are freed of the guilt, shame and isolation experienced when their child discloses sexual abuse and to reduce the impact of the trauma. Acts Fast also support partners and family members affected by a loved one downloading indecent images online.

‘We stop and listen while the world carries on’

We at Acts Fast understand that the effects of Trauma and child sexual abuse are long-lasting. Therefore, we welcome parents for support regardless of how old their child is. It is never too late to reach out and receive support.

Our Patrons


Angus Campbell was appointed Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Dorset on 23 January 2014.

Robert Montagu Family Psychotherapist & founder Family Counselling Trust

I retrained as a psychotherapist aged 50, having been an importer of wines, pottery and ceramics for 25 years.