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“We are extremely pleased and thankful to be supported and commissioned by the Office of the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC). The OPCC, and Martyn Underhill in particular, have seen the vital and valuable work Acts Fast has provided families for Dorset over the last 4 years. They recognise the huge impact child sexual abuse has on the parent and wider family.

When your child discloses they have been sexually abused we liken it to a ‘bomb going off’ and the shrapnel hitting everyone around. At Acts Fast, we provide that much needed ongoing support for the parents, carers and family members.

With the commissioning of our services we are able to continue to help families affected by child sexual abuse.” Mandy Gulliver CEO & Co-Founder.

 Dr Andrew Mayers, Principal Academic at Bournemouth University and Chair of Trustees at Acts Fast said “We are very grateful for this funding. It will help secure the immediate future of Acts Fast and enable our CEO to focus on ensuring our long-term sustainability. We work hard to provide the support that families need, but we cannot do that without funding.

Children who are sexually abused are far more likely to be at risk for a lifetime of mental health problems. Acts Fast help reduce that impact by working with the child and family as they navigate life after abuse. We will continue to seek funding to ensure that we are able provide that support.”

The figures you asked for over the last couple of years are: 65 referrals, 38 hours of email support, 26 hours of text support, 109 hours of phone calls. Drop-in and one to one counselling started in Poole and Dorchester from April last year and Bournemouth from January 2018: 270 hours of Drop-ins and 104 hours of counselling.

“I desperately needed to speak to someone who would understand what I was going through and to hear of Acts Fast was like a lifeline for me.  Mandy was able to understand the rollercoaster of emotions I was on and helped me understand that I was not alone and she would be there to help me through in any way she could.  I knew nothing of how to go about getting help for my daughters but with Mandy’s help was able to find a wonderful psychotherapist to help with all of my daughters. Sometime later, my daughters wanted to share their story and with Mandy’s help, they were able to help raise awareness with their story in the Bournemouth Echo.  My eldest daughter has also been to speak to governors on the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board to discuss what she feels should be done to help other children like her.   From this meeting she has been asked to help design a helpline poster so that all children are able to recognise sexual abuse and relate it to what they are going through.  It is also hoped that she will be able to help in making a video that could be used in schools and through Acts Fast. 

None of this would have been possible without the help of Mandy so I feel strongly about Acts Fast and the support they provide, and funding it needs, to help carry out the much needed work that they do”

Dorset PCC Police Blog

Comment from Dr Andy Mayers

Reporting by Daily Echo

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