We have adapted our range of support for people during Covid-19 outbreak

In these unprecedented times we are facing, never has support for people’s mental health been so important. Parents and family members who are going through already very difficult times are likely to feel even more isolated and extremely anxious. Disruption to our support options will be hugely unsettling and detrimental for parents and families wellbeing.

Therefore, our existing services will be replaced by telephone, email and text support.

Anyone who is feeling anxious, isolated and wanting to reach out, we are encouraging you to reach out for our emotional support at these difficult times.

Call us on 01202 797217 : We have extended our phone support to evening slots to help ease with new day time routines

Text or call us on 07468 694068

Contact us via email from our website: https://actsfast.org.uk/actsfast-contact/


Please do not feel alone.