Venus Awards

Many Gulliver CEO & Co-Founder is delighted to have received 2 nominations for the Dorset Venus Awards

Venus Awards was founded nearly 10 years ago by Tara Howard to recognise and reward women in business in the local Dorset community.  Coined “The Working Women’s Oscars” the Venus Awards have since expanded accross the country and have recognised hundreds of hard working women and female friendly businesses with the most recent region, London, heralding the 35 awards ceremony.

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Jonathan Mckinney

I have been amazed and humbled by Mandy Gulliver’s level of determination to help families cope with the horror of child abuse and how passionate she feels about promoting the service provided by Acts Fast. Her work ethic and sense of personal responsibility are a credit to her, gaining additional qualifications and skills wherever she can to further benefit Acts Fast and the families served.
Having worked in the field of child abuse for many years I wish I had known about Mandy’s work much sooner.

Alan Gulliver

I am very proud of my wife Mandy for all her dedication to her cause,not only helping the parents coming to the charity but also her own family.
She works tirelessly very long hours to make the charity work as it does, long may she and ACTSFAST continue they’re amazing work.


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